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GlobeQuest Travel Club provides tips to maximize a Los Cabos vacation this winter season.

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Cabo San Lucas is a world famous destination offering a wide variety of fun filled activities for all types of travelers.  Famous for sport fishing, world-class golf courses, excellent dining and nightlife options, and pristine beaches, Cabo is in a unique class of vacation hot spots. GlobeQuest Travel Club strives to offer something to interest every traveler.  Knowing the importance of making every moment count on vacation, GlobeQuest Travel Club wants to provide some tips so guests can maximize their time in Los Cabos this winter.

  1. Plan activities ahead of time to create the perfect itinerary. In the winter season in Cabo, some activities are easier to reserve than others.  Los Cabos is popular for families and during the holidays especially some activities are harder to reserve without advance notice.  Guests should not panic, most activities can be reserved while in Cabo, and there are not amusement park sized lines; however some popular activities do require a little more time.  Fishing, for example, for large groups is one activity guests should research online, check with resort staff and have a plan in mind.  If a large family needing a big boat for the group waits too long, there may not be space available as these larger boats are often booked.
  2. Have a few dining options in mind. Los Cabos means the Capes San Jose is one cape (town) Cabo is the other cape (town) and both are very different.  Cabo has amazing dining options and more nightlife options while San Jose is more historic and also has wonderful options.  The capes are about 30 minutes apart by car however so planning what type of food and ambience a family wants is important.  For example the golden zone on the marina has lively fun family options while San Jose is more quant with some very posh restaurants.
  3. Leave plenty of time to explore the resorts. GlobeQuest Travel Club is truly one of Cabos best family vacation properties.  There are so many great dining restaurants and activities right onsite.  Resorts in general in Cabo have placed so much attention on decorating the properties and adding world–class amenities, it would be a shame to not enjoy everything offered.

GlobeQuest Travel Club is ready to receive every traveler for their vacations and is sure that these tips will help then plan the best Cabo Vacation.  Whatever is planned, whether adventure and fun or relaxation and rest, Cabo is the best place to spend a well-earned vacation.

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